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Diviner + Ritualist + Spiritual Doula + Plant Whisperer


As a ray of the divine at the intersections of love, Blackness, queerness, and culture, Jasmine uses her gifts to support others in reclaiming and creating pillars of ritual for our journey through the death of racism, patriarchy, misogyny, and the violations of our beloved Earth. “RingShout: NewHaven'', born out of Seeding Conscious Co-creation, is where she is refining her vision of healing and activism, specifically around the ritual of wailing and other forms of practical, accessible modalities for our sustaining liberatory efforts.

Jasmine is a graduate of Amandla Organizing with Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity, Harm Free Zone I with SpiritHouse NC, and is currently deepening her whole body liberation practice with the Generative Somatics ‘Conflict as Generative’ 2022 cohort.


RingShout Wailing

DescriptionRingShout: Wailing is a reclamation of our ancestral ritual of communal wailing/shedding. A ‘wailing ceremony’ is a gentle, yet powerful way to express or lament what is often repressed through our tears. Some sit and make time to feel, many weep, and others may actually wail. Our ancestors believed in the alchemy of our tears and shared lament. During these intense times, this ritual is available for us to release our shared griefs, feel ourselves more deeply, and make more room for our magic. The ritual is guided and lasts 45-60 minutes. This is sacred space for Black people.

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