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Affinity Healing Groups & Sessions

Assistance & Support

At OVH we honor the role of affinity healing spaces in the process of acknowledging and healing from harm and trauma experienced within systems of oppression. Affinity healing spaces provide opportunities for people to connect with other people who share aspects of their identity and together witness each other, and practice healing modalities that build emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience. Affinity healing spaces are safe and brave spaces that make collective healing possible.


OVH is dedicated to supporting community members 

and practitioners to facilitate affinity healing groups and sessions.  We provide space, guidance, frameworks, and technical support to facilitators leading and hosting these spaces. We can also assist with the co-facilitating the wellness practices of affinity healing sessions and groups. 

We are currently supporting and assisting 3 racial affinity healing groups for Black men, Black womxn and girls, and white men. Affinity groups can gather across many shared identities. Race is one of them. 

OVH provides these services freely. Please email us if you are seeking support for your affinity healing group. Share with us little bit about your group and we'll connect with you ASAP!

Affinity Group Resources